Curatorial Statement: Violence Against Women

         In today’s contemporary American society, we face many issues that effect us as a society, greatly. One of those issues is violence against women. There are many different areas where violence against women is taking place. For example, there is domestic violence, sexual violence, and even murder. Artists have been trying to convey the message that we need to stop these violent acts towards women by creating artwork that exhibit’s the agony, suffering, and shamefulness that these women feel.

         These artists have created a piece that relates to the ideas of violence against and/or towards women. Each piece gives a different perspectives of these violent acts, and a few are more straight forward of what message they are conveying. Although these pieces are of several different forms, they are able to connect in someway to one another. They provide the emotional aspects that the women may feel that are caused by the violence. Besides the talent of the artists, it shows their ability to understand, and their ability to express those words and feelings of these women, that they may not be able to express themselves.

         Being a woman myself, it is deeply concerning that we stop these violent acts towards women. Everyday women are being harassed, threatened, and even murdered. It isn’t right that women should live in fear of being the next victim to these crimes. By supporting and exposing artwork like these artists have, we can slowly work our way to opening the eyes of viewers, and help stop these horrific acts of violence towards women.


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