Katy Grannan

"Nicole, Sunnydale Avenue (II)" (2006), pigment print mounted to plexiglass

         Katy Grannan’s piece titled, “ Nicole, Sunnydale Avenue (II)”, is a disturbing photo, but holds a lot of details. It greatly expresses details that especially pertain to the topic of violence against women. While I was looking at artists, Katy Grannan’s piece shocked me the most, and caught my eye right away. To see a woman that is barely dressed, laying in the position that this woman is in, is every disturbing. It gives you that eerie feeling, chills up your spine, and was a perfect example of how artists express emotion through their artwork.

         I think this piece best expresses the idea of violence against women by the way that Katy photographed her model. She looks life-less laying face down on the bed, dressed very inappropriately, or barely dressed at all, with a eerie shadow casting over her. The position that she is set up in slightly indicates the idea of her being “tied up” , or doesn’t have any control over herself. She has the look on her face of being tired emotionally, and not in an alert state of mind. Her hands are placed under body which may indicate the idea of also not having control, or lack of being able to defend herself. Her position also I feel shows the feeling of having given up, surrendering to the pain, and accepting what has happened.

         Besides the surface of the piece, I think it goes deeper than that. The shadow above her to me represents her past, or something from her past. It looks as if this shadow is haunting her emotionally, and physically. For example, when a woman has a history with violence, things tend to “haunt” them and slowly eat at their emotional and physical state. It seems in this piece as though the torment and agony of having been abused, or violated has worn her down.

         The detail of what she is wearing shows a lot as well. Her stockings are placed over her shoes with a few holes ripped in them, suggesting that they have been worn a lot and are starting to show it. I think the idea of her stockings being over her shoes are a symbol of closure, being “captured”, and not being able to be free. When violence has been used upon women they feel trapped and then that control is out of their hands. She clearly is not wearing any underwear nor is she wearing any other clothing besides a belt, the stockings, and her shoes. I think this symbolizes the “nakedness” of what victims feel afterwards.

         Her surroundings as well express ideas of being “out of control”. The bed is not made, and clearly only has a single cover and some sort of other piece of fabric underneath her. The walls are bare with nothing on them, no markings, or any type of decorations. I think that this shows emptiness and lack of some sort of identity. It lets you create a background on your own and use your imagination of where she may be.

         Katy Grannan’s piece is a great expression piece for the connection to violence against women because of how much detail is embedded into her photograph. This piece shows a significant amount of emotion and relates to a lot of outside information that is not clearly shown on the surface. She captured the exact emotion that is shown in the victims of violence.



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